9.994,60 VAT included

The Evo ll's compact design makes it ideal to carry and easy to transport.

With up to 640×512 thermal resolution and an 8k sensor, the Evo ll Dual is a real workhorse. The camera offers contractors and emergency responders, among others, a compact and portable tool that allows them to collect all the necessary data through the combination of the camera and thermal imaging camera.

The 360-degree obstacle detection allows the aircraft to recognize and avoid obstacles. Ground sensors also ensure accurate landings and stable indoor flights. The Evo also notifies you about battery capacity

The Evo includes a remote control with a 3.3-inch OLED screen where you can see essential flight information or a live 720p HD video feed. If you download the free Autel Explorer app, you can connect to the remote control and access advanced settings and autonomous flight features such as: Dynamic Track, Viewpoint, Orbit, VR, first person view and Waypoint mission planning.