Keeping batteries charged is a major challenge facing all commercial drone applications. WiBotic wireless power and battery intelligence solutions extend battery life and optimize the productivity of drone fleets.  Whether your application is operator-driven or fully autonomous, we enable drones to do more!


  • Longer flight times, greater flight range and hassle-free charging
  • Fully autonomous and weatherproof charging
  • The sky’s the limit with wirelessly powered drones for commercial, professional, agricultural and industrial applications

WiBotic is also proud to announce the availability of the WiBotic PowerPad, the first autonomous wireless charging pad for drones. Coupled with the WiBotic Development Kit, the WiBotic PowerPad provides a ready-to-go solution for repetitive drone flights in a wide range of industries.

  • Fully integrated wireless charging pad for drones
  • Easy to deploy for any on-the-job location
  • Supports multiple drones to enable more autonomy
  • Works with many drone types

Product Overview