Aerialsolutions together with Belgium Drone Service offers altitude cleaning using drones. The drone has a separate pumping system and a 600-liter tank that can deliver up to 200 bar up to an altitude of 100 meters and lower pressure up to an altitude of 200 meters.

Spraying with drones was prohibited until recently, now that spraying is allowed subject to the necessary approvals, the way is now open for countless applications such as cleaning solar panels or windows.

Furthermore, there have already been tests with extinguishing fires with fire-fighting foam and they are proving successful. Further tests with firefighters and civil defense are still on the agenda.

More efficient and economical

Using drones to clean hard-to-reach areas is much more efficient and less expensive than traditional methods such as scaffolding or scissor elevators. In some structures such as the Antwerp courthouse, these methods are even inadequate.


At higher altitudes it is always a risk to engage people due to fall hazards, this risk is completely eliminated with the use of a drone. The operator operates the drone from ground level and a camera on the drone provides the operator with the necessary feedback.


The spray drone can be used in a wide range of applications: