CZI Speaker MP130 V2

1.404,00 exVAT

CZI MP130S is a long-range acoustic device (LRAD) for UAVs. It has an ultra-high sound pressure, can transmit speech clearly at a distance, an effective sound increasing distance up to 500 meters. The product uses the second-generation UAV digital voice broadcasting system, which integrates a DJI UAV and LTE dual link to ensure that voice transmissions can be made anytime, anywhere. It is equipped with a standard handheld microphone and reduces interference with ambient noise. The user experience has increased dramatically. MP130S features strong sound penetration, small size, light weight, low power consumption and excellent magnetic shielding performance, which is specifically designed for UAV industry applications. Seamless compatibility with DJI's M200V2/M300 series flight platforms via DJISKYPORTV2.0 interface. The MP130C can be connected to most UAVs on the market via the CZI adapter ring.

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