Flyability Elios 3 Premium Package

  1. Elios 3 drone
  2. LiDAR payload
  3. Elios batteries x6
  4. Elios battery chargers x4
  5. Tablet of the Ground Control Station
  6. 1.8m USB cable, remote controller charger with adapters, USB power plug
  7. Smart battery guidelines and Original instructions documents
  8. Toolbox
  9. Remote controller of the Ground Control Station
  10. Adjustable Harness for the remote controller with mounts and screws
  11. Propeller packs with M5 nuts. (3x pack of 4x propellers)
  12. Set of spare cage elements , which includes different types:
    1x Cage Top Hexagon A
    2x Cage Top Pentagon B
    2x Cage Bottom Pentagon C
    2x Cage Bottom Hexagon D
    1x Cage Triangle
  13. Transport case